Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just a quick bloggy note…

I am one of those people that love the white twinkly lights, candlelight carols, the sappy movie specials on tv, the thought of hot chocolate with peppermint candy canes while it snows outside, the hope that just maybe something miraculous could happen and in general dig the Christmas time of year.

That being said, this year that special feeling that it was the special time of year was not happening, and it was annoying. I wanted to enjoy the smooshy sappiness, the cold air that makes you want put on scarves before I get bitter about it, the wreaths and bows and all the red and white. I don’t have room for my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree but I’m reconsidering that as I write, I haven’t done Christmas cards in years, I’m a smart online shopper, I saw a dusting of snow which is normally all I need, but that extra sappy something was still missing.

And then finally, on the way home from work today it hit me. Listening to Sarah’s Song for a Winter's Night, while waiting at a light five minutes from home, struck just the right nerve. The air was the right amount of cold, there was the perfect bit of sparseness to the afternoon, and this year I’d love to just ride around looking at lights, letting my heart fill with just the right amount of awe.

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g said...

I also sometimes like just going to the mall when I don't have to make any purchases, just to kind of wander and get the feeling with no stress.

Also, I happen to have hot chocolate and candy canes and my house.