Thursday, November 30, 2006


I am on the phone with random companies because I came home to a credit card bill with all these crazy charges on it. Crazy charges that are not mine.

Nothing pricey, but random, I'll tell you. The video professor, which is out a set of Lotus 1-2-3, some other place that is full of static that is something about building websites, and some other bidding place.

So far the video professor people are nice, and the website people gave me a name on the fraudulant account. If there's anything intriguing about the bidding people, I'll blog back in.


life well lived said...

how annoying! Have you canceled the credit card number yet so they can't keep using it?

Kelly said...

Oh no! I had someone snag my debit card number a few years ago and rack up all these charges ($2000 worth) in Morocco, of all places! Thankfully my bank investigated, realized I was not in Morocco and reimbursed the cash to me.