Monday, March 27, 2006

A Post, Wherein Catchka takes Dictation as Roommate Fabulosa Tries to Channel the Funny (and Catchka)

tonight i came home to find my long absent roommate sitting on the couch, crocheting a baby blanket. although she usually arrives home long after me on mondays, she was lucky enough to have a couple of canceled appointments today. she spent friday and saturday in atlanta, during which time i went on a manic cleaning spree because i simply could not live with the chaos any longer. we only saw each other for a few brief minutes saturday night (after she arrived home from the airport and before i went to bed). she said she was feeling sickie and was looking rather pitiful. she informed me that she had a dream about buying yarn {i am crazy-rf as rf}. and the depth of her craziness was fully revealed. even though she said that she needed to be doing "work" on her thesis, we have spent the past several hours sitting watching bad television and working on our respective crocheting projects. she occasionally interjects with "i should be working" but does not actually motivate enough to remove her hindquarters from the couch. so, it seems that another night has passed without any meaningful "work" being done.

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g said...

What is this "bad television" you speak of? I do not understand.