Monday, July 18, 2005

I Have a Secret, So I Think I’ll Tell the Internet

In college I took a poetry class with Lucille Clifton. I loved the class, even though Shannan and I were the only non-English majors there that were apparently not weaned on poetry since birth. I could say a lot about that class and how great it was to have Lucille give feedback and advice, but I have to say that Christopher Walkin brings her to mind almost more often than anything else. He, of all creepy people, is who Lucille had a huge celebrity crush on. She found him to be incredibly sexy, unlikely as that was to us at the time.

This brings me to my own little secret.

Let me first say that I never watched Seinfeld. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there, since it is almost as unavoidable as Law and Order, but I’m not familiar with major plots or secondary characters.

Let me also say that I only watched the finale of Dancing with the Stars, and the preceding repeat of the semi-finals, because I knew that Joey McIntyre was on and it was good to have in the background while I scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom.

What I did not anticipate was John O'Hurley. He was funny, suave, humble, intelligent and, yes, strangely attractive.

Here’s the thing: I have a crush on John O’Hurley. Who knew?


g said...

I also watched those episodes, or most of them at least, because a wise friend called me to tell me to watch them. He was very entertaining on the show. Although does Joey Mac know about your new celebrity crush?

Grace said...

Seinfeld is two steps from brilliant folks. It would be full on brilliant if it wasn't for the final episode. Long live J. Peterman.

g said...

I was never a huge Seinfeld fan. It was okay, but I can't say that I made much effort to watch it. And I don't like watching episodes repeatedly either... they aren't really very funny to me the second or third time around. I'm much more of a Simpsons fan myself.

cat said...

Seinfeld never held any real interest for me, either.

But I think Jon O'Hurley should be a voice on the Simpsons. He would have been perfect for Marge's bowling boyfriend!

g said...

He would have been perfect for that.