Friday, July 15, 2005

Things I Have Done To Torture My Co-Workers

1. Throwing ice cubes down their backs. One retaliated by getting ice cubes down the front of my Friendly’s uniform shirt. Later, we dated.

2. Taking my daily two-hour break first thing in the morning during canoe breakfast time at a Girl Scout Camp. Getting kids aged five to eight to sit in a canoe and eat breakfast without freaking out and tipping over is not fun.

3. Playing “Let’s sneak up behind Dave and see if we can make him freak out so much he falls down” in a biology lab. Also, you can freak him out so much he falls down. We played this game with numerous other people who were trying to gently pipet liquids and take measurements.

(Then there was a period of time where I was the tortured co-worker. Another post, another time.)

4. Wrapping packets of raisins, Hershey kisses, chocolate miniatures or other assorted items in a Kleenex and tossing them over the cube wall as “presents”.

5. Throwing wadded up pieces of paper, often with the writing “You suck” or “You smell” over the cube wall. Because I love to give.

6. Discreetly rearranging cubicle items such as office paraphernalia and cube decorations to spice up a co-worker’s life. Just in case they needed some variety and surprises in life.

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g said...

That is too funny. Love it!