Friday, May 27, 2005

Reasons I Refuse To Believe It Is Almost June
(a.k.a. Que Es “Spring”?)

1. I still have flannel sheets on my bed to keep me warm.
2. I’ve contemplated bringing the down comforter back out of storage/hiding.
3. I’m wearing a grey turtleneck today.
4. Last night I had to wear my black wool coat, Standard New England Winter Wear.
5. We still have the heat turned up.
6. I can’t remember what sunlight looks like. Actually, that’s more of a general complaint.
7. Despite my desire to shed long-sleeved items, my t-shirts are still in the back of the closet.
8. My feet, which love to be naked, have not had one day of sandal wearing.

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g said... is time for spring for you.