Monday, June 14, 2004

Girl, who taught you to apologize?

Has anyone heard the new Britney song? The one that is supposedly an apology to Justin for cheating on him? Well, you should listen to it. Just so that you will totally get this post and die laughing in your car when it comes on the radio. Except that I don't really want anyone to die, so just listen to the song with caution.

First of all, the melody sounds like a demented music box. Seriously. Then, there's the singing. I think she's going for wistful and remorseful and oh-look-i'm-so-broken-up-about-it-get-away-from-cameron and all that, but really it just comes out plain bad. She can do better.

And the lyrics. Granted, they may not reflect her sentiments, being a product of what the record company wants to sell and all. But let's pretend that they are. Apparently she is a little sad and lonely fallen angel who had a moment of weakness. Shut up and be a woman already, Britney. Her main point is that she is all alone and that she needs Justin. How exactly is that apologizing? It's "oh, I was weak, come back, I need you". Highly dysfunctional. Not surprising. Britney, I'm sure, is actually very unhappy and feels very alone. And props for writing her song and "guessing" that she's sorry. But girl, Justin is not going to come back for some whiny girl who can't take responsibility for sleeping around. Sorry.

And yes, I am a jerk. Yes, I get that she is still young and growing up in front of everyone and that she is just sad. But honestly, the song is bad ya'll.

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