Sunday, October 19, 2003

The Dip is Amazing...

I'ts 1 am and I've cleaned up and I'm going to bed. At 8:00pm it was only Necia, by 8:30 it was Natalie, but by 10:00 it was 15-20 people. About 13ish stayed until quarter of 12. It was a fun group and they all really liked the cidar and the dips and the treats. Conversation was lively and funny and I got to be silly, and the person with the cool house and amazing food. Cuteboy, of course, did not show. He was probably at Sarah's going away party. Apparently many other people decided to have last-minute parties, so I had a lot of competition and people were making the rounds. This guy, Aaron, was so funny. And Pat came. And Rachel is the best and very necesary at any event; I've decided. And a guy I've noticed from B&B came, Brian. Pretty funny. Another guy from B&B that I've noticed did not come. He totally should have.

It wasn't too lame in the end.

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