Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Guess Who?

So, I am finally blogging from home! I ordered my lovely new Dell computer, it took me days to get the time to set it up and I finally got on the internet today. After calls to Dell Support and the (evil) AOL support, I realized I had the phone cord in the wrong slot on the back of my computer. I'm so freakin' brilliant.

And my roommate is so cool. She came home and decided I needed to treat myself to something, since I haven't done anything for myself in a while. So we had dinner at Mr. Crepe. For dinner, I had a crepe with apples, Brie, and grapes. Dessert was strawberries with dark Belgium chocolate. Yum!

I am having a party on Saturday and I'm a little nervous it will be lame. Only a few people have replied in the affirmative. But I can tell you, the food will be good. (Now that I've said that though...). I am making 7-layer taco dip, spinach-artichoke dip, hot apple cider with spices, something chocolatey, pumpkin spice German chocolate cheesecake (which was a huge hit at work today), and chips and soda. I am thinking also of adding cut pears with honey. What do you think? I might drop the pears.

Anyway, we'll see who shows up. We made sure to have plenty of boys on the invitation list. Cuteboy was included but has not replied.

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