Friday, September 27, 2002

Last night I dreamt I was pregnant. I had on a white t-shirt and I had to be about 6 or 7 months along. I knew that I was 26 and had been artificially inseminated. And I remember that I was thinking "what did i get myself into" and that I knew I couldn't do it alone but that it was much too late to turn back. I know, I'm odd. I will randomly have pregnancy dreams. Apparently, they can be an indicator of something new coming, or change or stress. Personally, I think it was a mix of stress and maternal instinct brought on by having the first week of Books and Basketball last night. Now that I think about it, there were books and basketball tutors in my dream. Including Anne and Gavin (yes, the Gavin that used to be written about in this blog) who were there last night.

It did go very well last night. We must have had about 50 tutors show up. I was amazed and grateful and I just hope that they stick with it as the number of kids grow and things come together. It will take time, and I know that we will lose some people, but there is such great potential to have a really good year. I would love for each kid to have a mentor that they really bond with and for the mentor to take that seriously and for the mentors to really enjoy themselves. I really want these kids lives to be blessed.

So, we had about 50 tutors and about 15 kids. I know that sounds bad, but there are kids that came regularly last year that were not able to make it this week, and more that had stopped coming because there had not been a tutor for them. As long as people are patient and realize that we need to show them that we will be there for them, the kids will come.

Kristy is just brilliant and came up with a great introductory activity. As people came (tutors and students) we had them sign in and gave them name tags with different stickers on them. They also got a scavenger hunt sheet with things to find such as "somone who smiles a lot" or "someone in elementary school", "somone who knows more than one language". And that worked so well. It facilitated the mingling very well, especially since we had them doing it before we formally began when they would either be sittingn around or socializing with just the people they knew. Let's face it, they would be just socializing with people they knew. Once we officially welcomed them, we divided them into groups according to the sticker on thier name tag and equipped them with newspaper and tape. They had to work together to plan and build newspaper towers, with prizes being given to the tallest and most creative. It went very well. People were having fun with the kids and the kids were working really well with them.

It was good to see them after the summer. I had been waiting in the car for Kristy, since the building was locked and she had the key. They know to be there not before 7:30, but 2 of my teenage girls were there, so i got off my cell and out of the car. It was so nice that they were happy to see me. We have this pack of teenage girls that are pretty tough and well, are teenage girls with a bit of attitude. But they were so pleased that I even remembered thier names.

Unfortunately, my girls were not there. I hope to see them next week. But there are a few kids I get to drive home. While that does make me get home later and I hate parking and having to walk blocks to my house in the dark, I love the time I get to spend with them in the car. They loosen up a bit and sometimes open up and we have fun. This one in particular, she's just my girl. And even though I don't tutor her and only spend time with her in the car, I feel that we definately have a bond that I would like to strengthen this year. Maybe take her a few places or something. We'll see.

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