Friday, August 01, 2008

Long Enough

A re-design has been long overdue and though I'm not completely happy with my color scheme, it will have to do. After so many other changes in the past year, I think I've held off actually keeping up this blog because it had not changed as well. That, and some things simply cannot be put out there for all the world (meaning the emptiness of the internet that actually looks at this thing) to vilify or argue about or annoy me with or think less of me with, or any number of other reasons to exercise discretion; though I have been tempted to vent a few times. In those cases, I was too afraid of a backlash of calls to understanding, overworn cliches, metaphors that don't do justice (because they never do) to let my thoughts out and instead I repress--a lovely return to my adolescence. Perhaps I will also write melodramatic, if truthful, poetry that will cause me to cringe in another fifteen years. However, in any case, be that what it I am. Again.


Kate said...

really love the new look! it's inspiring.

nanni said...

I heart you. And the new colors are perty.