Monday, January 16, 2006


Our family friend came home Friday night to a shell of an apartment. A fire had started by his bed on the third floor of a Fells point walk-up and it tore through the house, leaving nothing. I can’t imagine the shock of going out to dinner one night and coming home to find all you have is gone. He and loved ones do feel fortunate that everyone who lived there is okay, even the cat.

But I can’t imagine having to start over from scratch. I can’t imagine needing everything from toothpaste and clean underwear to a new computer and furniture; and not being able to replace childhood memorabilia, special handmade gifts, the pictures and favorite books with notes scribbled in the margins.

Nina went with him to the mall yesterday to try and help him start starting over. They got some clothes and shoes, some basic things so that he can shower and put on something clean. Mom and Dad are getting together of box of basic necessities for him. Can you imagine not even having shower gel because yours burned up? I’ll be sending along some gift cards, but I wish I could just give him back everything as it was. His treasured collection of sentimental snoopy items, my sister’s high school ring she gave him when they were dating, the shirt I gave him for Christmas.

I just wanna plug, just in case, because it is something that I can do: if anyone does want to help him, let me know. We’ll work out how best to do that and get something to him (probably via my sister who is very nearby). Also, guys, he did not have renter’s insurance, though after this I’m sure he will. If you don’t have it, I highly recommend looking into it.

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g said...

I'll do whatever I can to help him out a bit. I really cannot imagine what it must be like. I only met him once, and that very briefly, but from what you've told me, he's a great person. So I'll add my own gift card to the pile, as well as any extras of things I have that he could use. Maybe my packrat tendencies can help him a bit.