Thursday, September 09, 2004

a.k.a. Dear Boston,

I left last Wednesday afternoon and arrived at Longbeach Airport around 7:30 pacific time. It was odd to have sunlight for that long, though I loved it. A warm breeze and palm trees were my first impressions as I deboarded the plane and it only got better. We had sun the entire time, it was warm but not too warm and just a 5-minute drive to the beach from J&J's house.

Jess handed the Babe right over to me and my nephew is amazing. He looks just like my brother, down to the way his little forehead wrinkles up and his blue blue eyes, though I think he gets his nose from his mom. We spent time at the beach and dealing with traffic when traveling. I love California. I love the beach. I love my nephew. We took walks by the beach a few mornings, we had food and treats from some of their favorite places, and we drove down to San Diego to see an old friend. We bbq'd out on the beach one night, and spent a few hours another day playing in the waves. I met some of their friends and we hung out at night, completely tired. We rented a movie one night, and I really can't remember what it was. I had a great trip and like a cliche, really didn't want to leave. I might have to move there. J&J said I could stay, but eventually I had to go.

I thought how amazing it was that our Father above could trust us with these little beings, fully formed with their own little personalities and so very precious. I wondered if my nephew would know, when older, just how incredibly much he is loved. He is just wrapped up in it, I couldn't get enough of him. I got to hold him and give him kisses and listen to his 'talking' and see him smile and best of all, I got to rock him to sleep. He loves the outdoors, just being in the fresh air will calm him down when fussy. So will a cd of Boston playing in the stereo. He sometimes was so tired, but kept trying to keep his eyes open, I suppose he didn't want to miss anything. From the day they brought him home from the hospital, he would intently stare at pictures of sunsets and waterfalls that his dad had taken himself, framed and hung on the walls.

I left to come back home Tuesday and spent the day traveling, remembering how amazing it was hold to him and how he smelled and the cute noises he'd make and his huge blue eyes. He's going to give his parents a run for their money, that one.

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