Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Story Time with Cat and Bina

Bina Gets a New Job

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Sarah, but all her friends called her Bina. She lived in an apartment all by herself in the land of Baltimore City. She loved her apartment all by herself and loved her music and her television and all her friends. But Bina did not love her job. The Bad Lady was at her job and she made Bina sad. Bina did not enjoy the Bad Lady.

So one day, Bina and her little red-haired friend, Nina, waged an all-out coup against the Bad Lady who made Bina sad. And Bina and Nina took over the Bad Lady and all her people and the whole company was rescued.

And Bina, who needed lots of money, got a new job where the people were very nice and welcoming. And Nina, who was very smart and very cute, stayed behind at the company, which got a lot better once the Bad Lady had gone away.

And bina, with her tv and her apartment and her music and her friends, lived happily EVER AFTER.

Bina vs. Evil Amazon

Bina loved her friends so much that she like to buy them presents at birthday times. Some of her friends lived far way. One of those friends was named Cat and Bina loved her very much. Cat loved Bina too. Cat lived far away from Bina in the northern kingdom of Boston. She had hair like the sunset and the most beautiful blue eyes anyone had ever seen.

And the evil Amazon, who was supposed to send a birthday present to the beautiful Cat, hated Cat because her eyes and her hair were so glorious that it was jealous and filled with RAGE. And so Bina, being strong and courageous and also very sneaky, took her sword of smackdown and went to fight the evil Amazon.

Bina rode on her black horse, henry david, up to the gates of the amazonian kingdom. once there, she let out such a powerful battle cry that the people of amazon became frightened and began to tremble. Even the evil amazonian king came to the gate weeping.

'Please, Bina,' he sobbed, 'Pleeeease don't kill us!'

'I have not come to kill you, oh wretched, evil amazonian king. I have come to rescue my beautiful friend Cat's birthday present out of your dirty, mean hands. Now give it to me, or I shall administer the much-feared Bina smackdown!'

The once evil but now scared amazonian king threw all the dvds and books and CDs on Cat's wishlist through the gate. 'HERE! Take them!' he yelled. 'No one ever believes us that it's not our fault! No one!'

Bina, whose heart was really made of solid gold, felt badly that she had made the amazonian king cry. But Bina also knew the rules of capitalism and, remembering her credit card payment, she smiled broadly. 'Thank you, king. I will shop with you again!'

And with that, Bina and her trusty steed rode off into the sunset, with all of Cat's goodies in tow!


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