Friday, February 13, 2004

A Story of Cat

Cat: The Ultimate Single Woman

There once lived a girl named Cat. She lived in a land of cold and ice and snow where most days were gray and she had to wear socks indoors to keep her feet warm. Luckily, Cat liked the indoors and loved to bake cookies and talk on the phone and make scarves for her sisters. Cat liked to see her friends and meet people, but even more she liked to snuggle under blankets and watch movies.

Cat had a roommate named Tef who also liked to snuggle under blankets and watch movies. Tef was a very smart girl who went to school and knew how to sew and how to make muffins and would put the smackdown on anybody. Tef had a very special friend who got to be snuggled with the blankets and the movies. He was a boy who liked to make spring rolls and liked to be extra nice to Tef.

Cat wanted a very special friend of her very own to snuggle with when she watched movies and when she read books and when she made scarves for her sisters.

She wanted a boy who would take extra special care of her and make her soup when she was sick and would take her out to dinner sometimes and who would let her fuss over him. Cat liked nice boys who were kind and liked children and liked to play and to snuggle.

But alas, there were no boys who wanted to be Cat’s very special friend. So she used extra blankets to keep warm and told funny stories to her friends who could never understand why no boys wanted to be her extra special friend.

The end.

(for now)

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