Saturday, December 06, 2003

Cheesy Mormon Soap Opera
(maybe a wannabe soap opera, actually)

At the moment I've been snow-bound all day. They're calling it a classical noreaster and I even had to move my car due to snow emergency parking regulations. The somewhat batty neighbor helped me with all the shoveling and directed my car and will receive Christmas cookies at some later date.

I was to be going to the Christmas Gala tonight. It's a yearly tradition and it's been my yearly tradition to not attend under any circumstances. I was actually going to go, having been goaded into it by Jamie, but it was cancelled because of the snowy circumstances. I'm a little disappointed, just because it would have been a prime flirting opportunity with Fun-boy. And he could have forgotten all about the girl he's been on a few dates with and start falling in love with me already. I realize I sound like I'm 12, and I'm sure I still approach men somewhat the same I did at 12 years old, but don't we all? I'm just being honest here, people. I just want a little bit more than to roller skate with him to "In Your Eyes" at this point in my life.

Fun-boy, as anyone who reads this knows (because it's just you guys, let's face it), is my current man-interest. I know him through the B&B and he's adorable and good-natured and funny and I like him. He's even gone so far as to replace cute-boy. I'm so over cute-boy.

Three weeks ago ( I really need to get a calendar by the way), I got up in the morning and volunteered in the temple. I mention this because I got up at 5:30 am on a Saturday to do so and I had a really long day that day and that alone goes to the drama of the soap opera. I got home around 1:30pm or so and did dishes and got ready for my date. I don't date that much and I was pretty sure it was set up by my friend Javier, but I had a date so I brushed my hair and put on some lipgloss. I wasn't really interested in the guy, John, but he had the guts to ask me out and I didn't know him well at all so I went. We met at the 't' and went to see 'master and commander'. It was fine, conversation was lovely. We would have been in the same group of friends in college. He told me 'great sweater', maybe partly because it was non-potato-sack like and hence showed my boobs, I don't know. In the middle of the movie he leaned over and asks me 'So, you diggin' it?'. In the middle of the movie, very strangely. Very odd. We took the 't' back and the topic of dinner came up but I made it clear I had plans with my roommie. I did have plans with my roommie, purposely-made shortly before I went on the date.

So we got off the 't' and I said thanks, it was a good movie and we small talk for a few and I say I have to be off and then he comes in for the hug. It was a side-hug, so that was fine. I side-hugged back. Then in a pretty awkward manner he goes in and takes the full-on hug. I did not full-on hug back. I just sorta thought 'oooookay' and let it go and say goodbye. He was clearly diggin' me.

Fast forward to later than night once I had made peanut butter cookies. I made them to bring to a housewarming party a few blocks from me. Some women I know from church just moved and since they lived so close I decided to go and be social. I walk in and John is there with his roommates, Brian and Javier, who are friends of mine. And there is a suspician that Brian may be interested in me as well. So I socialize with B and J and one of the women who live in the house who just moved into the area, Peggy. Peggy and I are chatting and I'm giving someone else a backrub. I happen to look up and Fun-boy is approaching the front door and he smiles and I wave him in.

Here's the soap opera part, thanks for hanging in there. There are about 10 of us there, all sitting in a circle, having several conversations. B and J get up to go and John does too, since they are his ride. P has since left the futon. So, Fun-boy jumps onto the futon, right next to me and there's some sort of funny excitement about that. So John takes off his coat and sits back down. What is that about? Fun-boy is majorly flirting with me and he wants to watch? His roommates go on and leave without him. Fun-boy and I continue to flirt. He says we have to go to the south of france, and I say okay. He speaks french very well, people. I dig the accent on him. Then we have some sort of mock-altercation so I apologize and unwittingly use my puppy dog eyes. See, they just come naturally and I can't help it. He comments on them and says that more groveling is required. So I tell him to go eat some of my cookies. So he does. When he comes back, I ask if that was enough and he says that if he says yes, that the puppy dog eyes will stop, so no. He says this out loud, in front of everyone, who are pretty intently watching. And then he makes me give him a hug and say we are friends. How can this not be flirting in a high degree? Why hasn't he called me for a date already, I don't know.

In any event, shortly after that he goes to leave and John hitches a ride with him and since that would leave only me as a guest, I go take my leave as well. I am planning on just walking the few blocks back to my house, but Fun-boy offers me a ride. I decline, saying it's just 'up there' and he says that he can just drive me up there. So I accept his ride and sit up front while John sits in the back seat. After witnessing a lovely night of flirting with someone else after he took me on a date. At home, afterwards, I wondered if I should feel bad and I thought it might have been sort of mean. But you know what, he could have left with his roommates. Silly boy.

So since then I've learned that he has been on 2 dates with some other girl...the first date would have been that night or at least that week. They had they're third date last night. But I could swear he is kinda flirty at B&B. I do have a spy, and she tells me that said girl is not actually into Fun-boy and isn't sure she likes him. He needs to just come over my way. He must be intimidated by my beauty.

In about 15 minutes I'm going to walk back over the house of the housewarming party. They are having hot chocolate and movies and I gotta have some company.

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