Saturday, November 09, 2002

I've got 'some sort of fairy tale' by Tori Amos stuck in my head, and I'm feeling a bit pathetic because I've just watched three episodes of Trading Spaces in a row on a Saturday night. However, they pulled ones where at least one set of homeowners hated thier new room. I even got to see the crying Pam episode again. That's the room that got me thinking I could actually like Doug's rooms.

Went shopping today, for a very long time, for a dress for the wedding. I have been asked to try and wear dark red. I like dark red. You'd think that I'd be able to find dark red. You know, I looked in all the stores. All over all the stores. I found nothing. Unless it was really strappy or strapless and I'm just not doing that. So I'm a little worried about finding something in the next two weekends, especially considering that is not all that I have to do. I'm thinking we'll have to settle for a black skirt and dark red fancy top or something.

So the wedding. Let's catch up on that. Joe-Joe is getting married to a girl named Jessi on December 6. They started dating in September, and I am not all the keen on how fast they are getting married. But once they got engaged, I just had to suck that up. I think it's too quick and I think they are still too much into the honeymoon stage of dating, but they will just have to work on it. I think reality will hit pretty hard at some point after the honeymoon. She's 20 and in college and seems nice and sweet, but needy. They won't even wait a month so that my sisters could come out for the wedding. They are getting married out in Logan, Utah. They live there and that's is where she's from and where she has massive family. It's just like 'my big fat greek wedding', only Mormon.:) We are having a reception/open house in Maryland on December 28. The other thing that really gets me is that they (at least Joe) seem to think they are just entitled to all the expense and craziness that my family is dealing with. There doesn't seem to be any gratitude at all for the sacrfices that are being made. My parents are supposed to be able to get off work, fly out there, plan and pay for a second reception with all of 2 months notice. He doesn't get it that my sisters simply don't have the money. Not to mention that Karen would be in the middle of finals and would have to take incompletes or something and basically redo her semester. So that in 3 months they could be married. Not to mention, that thier dating was right on the heels of Joe helping her through some sort of major crisis, which just gives them intense circumstances to starting out. That's enough of that.

I got my engagment pictures back today also. Fake, remember? heehee. I have to say, I am NOT photogenic, especially with no make-up, etc. However, they will serve thier purpose. I am giving a copy to cuteboy tomorrow.

Speaking of cuteboy, I don't get him and I'm kinda disappointed, really. He actually came to Books and Basketball 2 weeks ago. I was suprised when he had emailed and said he'd 'try to come if he could'. That generally means it won't happen, even though there are good intentions. So I was happily surprised when he showed up on Halloween. That was actually a good night. Not many kids or tutors showed up. But those who did had a good time and we just let the kids hang out and the tutors that were there were the ones that really have thier hearts in it, which is great. We had a new kid show up, and cuteboy jumped to help him. And I overheard cuteboy tell him that he'd be coming every week, so he hopes to see the kid there. And, most importantly, (okay not really) he flirted with me. Kristy and Diane even noticed. I noticed. I was pretty happy about that. I thougth maybe things would get, at some point, to a nice simmer. Enter this past Thursday. Sure, he showed up, but totally avoided me. Or so it seems. Literally spoke with everyone else there, just not me. There are an awful lot of really smart, pretty women there that I suppose he'd rather talk to. Or maybe I do in fact weird him out or something. Or maybe he got shy. I have no idea, but really people. What is it about me that is so distasteful. It's not like there aren't any other guys around...just none that I have a crush on, or that otherwise supercede him, or are interested in me. I'd be happy to entertain crushing thoughts about someone else, just noone has come along to oust him from that position.

A very good thing about B&B last week, though, is that my girls came!! They stopped coming last April or March, and thier number was disconnected. However, I have been talking to them since about August over the phone (see archives for the story)...and thier mom has said before that they would come but they haven't. Actually, on Halloween, they stopped in from thier trick or treating to just say 'hi' to me. :) I don't know what it is, but we bonded immediately and apparently they continued to talk about me and express thier desire to see me the whole time they weren't coming. I know that something is going on, and has gone on in the past. All these kids have crap in thier lives. But these two are just 'my girl's, they really are. The timing was perfect when we met. I know that had to be the plan and that I have been given the capacity to really care about these two. They also showed up this past Thursday for tutoring. They were late, which they never were when they came so I had figured they weren't coming. But they reminded thier mom, who had been at the hospital for something...something is going on with thier mother as well. But it was so great to see them and reconnect. They are awesome girls. They are in 6th grade now and are all about boys. In fact, the one may have a boyfriend, officially, by the time I see her next Thursday. And the other does have a guy waiting in the wings:) They are a joy to me.

Tef came for a visit last weekend. She visited with me and also an old professor. She is just fun and we had an easy time talking. We were not super close friends, but good friends and it's always nice when I do get to see her. She got in on Friday and we stayed in and got take-out and watched a video. Leah called and I wouldn't go to the movies with her and her boyfriend who was in town, so she got pissy. She wanted me there so that she could 'be herself' around the boyfriend, who she had been seeing for about 9 months. She was nervous about them breaking up, but the whole relationship she never really knew where she stood. Or rather, she did but was trying to force it to be otherwise because she was in love with him. Once again, needed to put up the boundaries. She only called and wanted me there because she needed somethign from me, other than just the company or fun. Because she needed me to do something for her to make her feel better. That's fine, that's how friendships work...but that's all she cares about. It's always her needing something. Anyway. That's a fun tangent:) I had a great Saturday with Tef. We had a really lazy morning..slowly got up and got going. I made omelets and she made hash browns for breakfast. We actually got to eat in the kitchen since it wasn't too cold. We got ourselves together and I drove us out to Walden Pond. It was sunny and chilly, but not too cold with the sun out. The leaves are were pretty much past the peak, but still beautiful. We had a nice walk around the pond enjoying being outside. We puttered around the gift shop and then drove to meet her professor and friends for dinner. However, we were early and got to sit around a comfy Starbucks fireplace with some yummy hot chocolate. Met with her friends for some more yummy vietnamese. I handed Tef off and basically went home. Oh. Rented 'beloved'. very very good. disturbing. I actually had a reaction to it, which is what I wanted.:)

Now I am very tired of typing. I must go.

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