Tuesday, August 27, 2002

well, sammie made her top 20 reasons she'd be a great girlfriend and so i will simply have to follow suit. sounds kind of fun actually:) these are in no particular order, nor is this list by any means comprehensive (i hope):

1. i give great massages, especially hand massages
2. i love to bake and cook for people
3. i will appreciate him and the things he does for me and make sure he knows it.
4. i will let him be sappy and romantic, and i will possibly be sappy and romantic. oh wait, you mean guys aren't sappy and romantic? oooooohh.:)
5. i am able to let myself be loved
6. i make sure the people around me know they are loved
7. i appreciate all different kinds of music
8. i own a playstation
9. i give compliments
10. i love adventures. i've been told i have a 'zest for life'.
11. i think snowball fights are fun
12. i love books
13. i'd want to learn things from him
14. i'd want him to learn things from me. i would have something to offer him and not just be a leech. at least i hope that this is true.
15. i'd be incredibly supportive and understanding. i'd be on his side even when he knows i disagree with him.
16. i like to think up surprises for people
17. i am a great hugger
18. i love children and am a sucker for animals
19. i try to be kind and 'treat thy neighbor as thyself'.
20. i can carry on an intelligent conversation once i am comfortable with someone, and still be fun and goofy at the same time.

well, what do guys think of this list?

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