Thursday, August 08, 2002

alrighty. here's the problem with my blogging: i just get overwhelmed and then i just shut it all down. way too much has happened since i last blogged, so i won't completely recap, although that would mainly be for my benefit, as opposed to any poor person reading this thing. see, i was hoping it would help me to journal more. clearly, that hasn't really happened. and the other problem: other bloggers are really writing well and i am just a dork with nothing notable or eloquent to say. shoot, i can't even capitalize:) anyway, for my own sake, a couple of salient points to get back up to speed:

1. gavin is truly a dork, bordering on being a jerk. the more i talked with him, the more i felt like he was saying things just to get certain reactions out of me, or to simply garner attention for himself. i now find him a bit selfish, a bit arrogent and completely annoying. he is dating someone else, so at least he doesn't call everyday. but really, not calling ever again would be fine by me. for example, he expects reasons from me about why i may not be at church on sunday, as though i have to report to him. of course he vehemently denies this mode of thinking, too bad he consistently acts like it. and i find him judgemental and looking down on others. very bad things in my book!

2. i am just getting over a sinus infection. and i never get sick! clearly, someone stole my immune system. but really, i am just getting old. see, every almost every weekend this summer i have either been out of town or hosting guests. and i love this, but during the weeks i have not been getting the sleep i should and i sure am not eating the way i should, and this apparently has broken me. i am old. very sad.

3. ruth and dean were married on july 20. such a beautiful wedding. i know i say this about every wedding, but they all deserve the praise. you have 2 friends, or at least the bride or groom is your friend, and they are marrying this person who you can see really loves them and makes them happy and vice versa. it's this amazing, miraculous thing that hopefully at some point i will also get to experience. i understand that it does not come easily and takes much effort and work and love to maintain, but it is just so incredibly worth it. or so it would seem. one friend in particular has not been so lucky in that department. honey, if you are reading are so wonderful and put so much good things into the world, that it will come back to you, even though it didn't this time around.

4. about the wedding and reception: i left on wednesday night to be around for all the pre-wedding festivities and preparations and it was a lot of fun. g and g were very accomadating and let me stay with them (except on friday when all the bride/maids stayed together)...and it was good to see them for the short time i was able to. and the aussies were a lot of fun and it was good to see who will be taking care of our ruth, and who will be major figures in her new life. and many friends from college were there beforehand and at the reception, which was also really great to see. and we talked and danced and had a great time. and shannan and i got to carry on the tradition of 'decorating' the wedding night accomodations. heehee. i was nice, just sometimes also funny:) and the world here should know that i was hot. really, the aussies said so. i may not really think so, but at least they didn't call me cute:) hee. i really can't say enough without going through the whole weekend step by step to explain how glad i was to be there. they move to australia on august 18th. we are already planning my future visit:)

5. luckily, ruth and dean were able to spend a night with me on thier whirlwind road trip honeymoon. they did however, stop for a bit in nova scotia, which apparently was great. it was great to hang out with them and spend really quality time with them, even if the quantity was lacking. and luckily, i had finally gone to the doctor and started on antibiotics and had a nap and i was feeling better by the time they got in. dean, being a man, played on the playstation while ruth got a first look at pictures from her wedding from the ones i had developed. we talked and made peach cobbler and went out for dinner. the city was finally cooling down and it was a beautiful night for a little walk through a part of town that ruth had not been to before. we stayed up late just being ourselves and making jokes and watching hurricanes on the weather channel:) ruth assures me that dean must love me b/c he is already thinking of things that we will do when i visit (in a couple years...). and you know, i feel priviliaged for that. if you are reading this...i kinda like dean too:) he might be a keeper:) the next morning i had already notified my boss that i would be in late...and we lazily got up and got going. i was up first, took a shower and started cutting up cantelope in the kitchen while ruth and dean were stirring. they got up, ruth made muffins while john mayer was playing in the living room. a great cd and perfect backdrop to the last time i will be seeing one of my dearest, best friends for a few years. i also had norah jones in the player as we did a last 'photoshoot' and hanging out and took our leave. we said goodbye and i love you and hugged dean. luckily, our friendship is strong and i know that we will always be friends, even if not in proximity to each other. no tears, i will be seeing them again, just in a very different time and place.

6. let's not forget gianna's very fun visit! we ate a lot of good food, saw a baseball game, and got to visit with 2 of her friends who came up for the day on sunday. all in all, very mellow while busy, a great weekend!

i think that is about it for now. i've covered the major events, although once again, i didn't really say anything of any import. that is what really gets me not blogging i think. but really, i'm not that shallow, just that bottled up:)

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