Monday, August 12, 2002

alright, i just had to share this. but let it be known that the first time i took this, my past life was as a murderer:

What Was Your PastLife?

i had a nice, relaxing weekend. saw the movie 'sign's, which i thought was very well written and well done. it speaks more to faith and family than aliens, they simply serve as a backdrop for drama really. i would see it again, just to get more out of it. and i had a gift card and bought a pair of jeans that make me feel very sexy. odd for jeans, since as every woman knows, they are impossible to buy. they don't fit perfectly mind you, but dang i am sexy in them. and to my friends: more thoughts later, but i think part of discovering what it means to be a woman, or to be in touch with your woman-ness, is to accept that we are in fact, different from men. in many ways, some of which may seem more stereotypical than anything else. but God did not make us to be the same, or to be good at the same things. however, to refute the more worldy view, this does not make one sex 'better' than the other. let's focus on how that makes us complimentary. we were meant to be partners. for me, part of feeling sexy is feeling like i know who i am, feeling a small part of the positive things that God knows me as, and being confident in that. knowing that these postive, great, things are there for other people to get to know also. i'm not espousing pride by any means, or to ignore our weaknesses. but to realize our divine nature as children, daughers in fact, of God and that we are working on ourselves. i'm off-topic now and blathering and making no sense. see what happens when i open my mouth? i'll probably edit this later.

i guess, it's okay to feel and be 'feminine'. you can do this in a skirt or sweats. i think while i've never been the type to attract men, and i've never really considered myself overly attractive, i've always felt myself to be a woman. more blathering when i said i'd stop later...

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