Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Random Thoughts, by Catchka

1. There was a time when Phil Collins was cool. Just think about that.
2. I seriously need a rainy day mix CD. It would have Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, and Tracy Chapman on it for sure. And probably Patty Griffith. The perfect song is just on the tip of my brain and I can’t quite think of what it is.
3. I also seriously want sushi for lunch.
4. Finding typos in published materials fills me with glee. On the internet, the book I'm reading, church hymnals, or in my latest crochet pattern; I love it.
5. I am pretty good at pulling things together at the last minute. This comes in handy at a job with absolute deadlines.
6. Okay, I have just listened to 'Mandolin Rain' on my internet radio, and that is a good grey day song.
7. Listening to 80’s music can make me giggle. I used to roller skate every weekend to these songs!
8. Confession time: I once learned to play ‘Take My Breath Away’ on the piano. I was approximately twelve years old. It probably had a lot to do with that volleyball scene as well (not to mention the scandalous! kissing).
9. I am a person who just wants the take home message. Bottom line it for me, people. Tell me what I need to know and move on.
10. That being said, sometimes I am enamored of ‘the process’ of some things.
11. Yes, I am being vague.
12. Yes, it is that kind of day.


g said...

Bottom line: You should get sushi for lunch.

The end.

cat said...

Oh, that was decided before I even got into the office today:)

g said...

Excellent. I have a leftover half a sub from yesterday. Unless someone contacts me about maybe going to burge king or something. But I should be good and not get fast food.

cat said...

oh, now i want a chocolate frosty from wendy's. but i shall resist.

g said...

i am missing you.

jasmine said...

more posts....need more posts....