Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Evidence That I am Indeed, a Sidney Bristow Wanna-Be (at least in my head)

Note the ninja-hands. I am a ninja! (for those in the know.)

Also, according to this I am an innovative pioneer. I am all about the finding out of things and the sneakiness. And clearly, according the CIA themselves, I could take that info and use it in secret-operative ways no one has yet to think of!

And I wanted to point out the awesome t-shirts I'd wear, but my sleuthing skills cannot bring up dead internet pages that have been taken down. Let it be known that I would be one hot agent in my "You Don't Know Me" and "Who's Your Spy Daddy" shirts. Posted by Picasa


Salimah said...

Look at that picture! You are clearly in the midst of some very classified reconaissance mission... You look happy and feisty and optimistic about kicking the bad guy's in the derrierre. A few of the things I love about you. Hey, pumkin: Happy Birthday!

Grace said...

Good thing you were standing in front of the spy museum though. And I too am a innovative pioneer according to that little quiz. Happy Birthday, yo!

g said...

Love the picture!

g said...

Oh... and according to that quiz I'm a daring thrillseeker. Ha!

Carmela Coochie said...

You'd be a hot angent indeed!!

I love the picture!