Tuesday, November 11, 2003

To Sammie: Just Say No to Unicorn Humping

[Said in Important TV Announcer voice] The following is an excerpt from my "novel" I'm trying to write this month. My word count is still too low after including this.

Julianne dreamt. She was in a flowing red dress, she was "Sleeping Ophelia", captive in a beautiful castle and sleeping through it all. In the dream, she dreamed. Ophelia-Julianne saw her life before, full of balls and carriage rides and suitors. She saw her parents, waving from the windows. Her parents became Cesily and Josh, and then they were gone. Ophelia-Julianne continued to dream. She was walking in the woods, golden light ciphered through autumn leaves, the path marked by ferns and grazing deer. She was alone and not afraid. She had the deer and the unicorns to keep her company. She knew she had been a unicorn. Ophelia-Julianne became the unicorn. The grass soft under her hooves, every sound heard through an animal's sensitive ears, perked up. She had friends, once, in a life long ago. Now she was the only left, the last of the unicorns. A terrible red monster had come to take them all and she alone could save them. She remembered why she became human and she remembered where she was going. Beyond the forest lay the meadows and fields and lands of the humans and beyond that lay the ocean, where the unicorns were kept.
The unicorn awoke, recognizing the flowing dress, the couch beneath her and Ophelia-Julianne stood up. She ran her fingers along the table, the touch of wood and enamel familiar. All around the room, she ran her fingers, opening her eyes. She became frantic, there were no windows, there were no doors. How did she get here, how would she leave? She tore the hem of her dress on the curved points of the chairs, they were trapping her and she all she saw were the things around not giving way. She tapped on walls, she felt for hidden passages and found none. Suddenly, the ceiling gave way. The dome opened panel by panel, overlaying and interlocking and she saw the sky.

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