Friday, August 08, 2003

The Best Conversation Ever, Some More

SP:you are my favourite person right now. you must try veggie stix.
Me:What are veggie stix? It sounds like stale broccoli or something.
SP:oh no. they are vegetable-flavoured potoato stix (crunchy) and oh so delicious. perhaps i will bring you some.
Me:Perhaps I shall look forward to you coming.
SP:perhaps you will. perhaps you won't. if you're smart you will.
Me:Hhmm…I shall have to ponder this. What else shall I be enticed by?
SP:maybe by something from left field of which i have knowledge, but you do not. perhaps that. i don't know if your fancy will be adequately tickled by my tireless efforts to please you...
Me:Ooh. I am intriqued by your mysteriousnessnessness. Perhaps I shall even retrieve you from the airport.
SP:maybe you will find it within yourself to do so. i take it for granted that kindness will prevail and you will condescend to collect me from the plane place, which you call "airport."
Me:I think I may simply send my lackey to do my bidding. You may present yourself once you have rested from your journey and refreshed yourself. I cannot abide plane-stink.
SP:perhaps i'll bring a stink of a different kind... i'm just not sure yet!
Me: hereby insist that you smell only of freesia or roses. Really, how could you expect my delicate senses to handle anything more?
SP:i don't oh fair one!
Me:Dude, I am so blogging this.

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