Thursday, May 29, 2003

I recently purchased a new media shelf and so got to dig out everything from the bottom of piles on the floor and actually alphabetize them and get to see them. In this process, I discovered a few things I am not proud of:

1. Michael Bolton, 'Time Love and Tenderness' on CD. I specifially remember listening to this on my bright blue walkman, especially for some reason on my way back from some piano thing I had to do. I was in high school already, people.
2. Kenny G. I think I even listened to it when I was a freshman in college, disguising it as my 'relaxing, sleepy music'. Whatever, I always was a cheeseball. Now I can't even look at without remembering that it was played for every mother/son, bride/groom type dance at Jim and Cari's wedding.
3. The soundtrack to Disney's "Alladin". On a cassette tape.

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