Tuesday, August 20, 2002

you know what's sad? i've taken to surfing blogs just looking for the quizzes. these are often found in the under 18 years old section of blogland. there is quality there, folks. and there was something i had to say, and now i have no idea of what it is. like when you're off to look for something and get around the corner and completly forgot what you had to go get. on a fun note, i've taken to naming my friend's furniture. okay, one friend and my sisters. salimah owns the John Mayer Makeout Couch (JMMC) and karen and becky own the John Mayer Gettin' It On Pompazon (however you spell that...) i'm quite good.

shannan baby, if you are reading this, i'm sorry i was pissy. i just was. leftover from l and c pissyness. just wanted you to understand. i'm sure you do actually support me:)

you know, i realized what are some of my issues with them. whenever i'd hang out with them, alone or with others, all conversation focuses on being married. i mean, they either offer unsoliciated advice to a newly engaged couple, or talk about being married to other married couples or another single person present; or talk about how i or another single person present is/are single. and what we need to worry about in finding a guy. and when they do this, craig especially likes to do this part, they never ever mention that you should be in love. ever. they'll say how he needs to be active in church and how he needs to be able to provide for you and how he needs to be able to take you to the temple to be married. and they say that is all there is to it. no making you happy, being in love, you making him happy, nothing. they way they say it, they dismiss all the rest. that annoys me. i want to say...so, you weren't in love? that is all you cared about? does that include how your wife is making you stay in school to get a master's because she had an issue with the fact that you were only going to graduate college when 'everyone in her family has advanced degrees'? i'm not kidding. when they were dating and engaged, that is exactly what she said to me. she had a problem because he did not have a degree from sort of higher education and didn't want one and that just didn't happen in her family. then she goes on about her father and grandfather and thier degrees and thier money. well, this has become ranty. daily interactions with someone/people who look down on you and give you condescending advice and who never appreciate you unless you are nodding your head in agreement with them can be wearying. and i'm thinking about it, and i dont' think that i am exaggerating. i had dinner with them and a married couple in thier apartment, and that is what was talked about. dinner out with them and thier friends who were newly engaged, dinner out wiht them and a good single friend of mine whom they knew (she was visiting from out of town...hi amy!!!) and that is what they talked about. i understand that obviously, that is a huge part of thier life. but there is no talk of the news, human interest stories, books, thoughts, movies...anything. if they talk about different places, it's about what they did when they went there together and thier activities there...not 'oh it was a beautiful place, blah blah blah'. . it's 'oh, we went there and went rafting with another couple we met there and they were only okay'. seriously. sometimes they talk about sports actually, but that is about it. then lois will go into how craig likes sports and so they watch a lot of it together. blah blah blah. just once in a while, if all roads would just not lead back to 'and we're married, we're great'. talk about something in church, or a good movie or something. and mainly, i think it's that they are condescending about it all. i talk about marriage and family with other married friends with no problem. then again, those friends don't treat my 'singleness' like a disease or condition that they must pity. they actually love me and seem to have some measure of respect for me. amazing what that can do:) i love talking about marrige and family with them. and if i could shut up now i'm sure you all would love that too. just had to vent to get it out and move on.

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