Monday, June 10, 2002

well. i still have this whole 'deer-caught-in-headlights' thing happening in regards to the whole blogging phenomenom (sp?. get used to it), but the only way to get over that is just to do it. and i have no time for this really, since at 3:30 we are having a company cookout/red sox game. However, completely owe credit to Samalee and Sarahbina for getting me to discover the joys of blogging, and hopefully at some point it'll be interesting. I was at home this weekend, for a bridal shower, and coincidentally my sister's birthday. but while at home with my parents, i was able to go through some boxes of mine that just have 'stuff' in them. and i found loads of great stuff, let me tell you. a note from a boy that had a crush on me in college (we are really good friends to this day actually, i can't wait to tell him i found it!), old letters and cards from the college years and some old diaries from when i was probalby between the ages of 8 and 13. i haven't completely read them yet, but they are hilarious. and i think my take on how to relate to boys i like hasn't changed a bit, which is kinda sad really:) apparently staring at me was a sign of true love. they were probably just wondering why i was constantly staring off into space in thier general direction. or maybe they were intimidated by my burgeoning beauty, i have no idea:)

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